Welcome to my Games World!

Welcome to my games library! This is my home, i live in the world of games and I want to share with you online flash games, which you can play directly on a web page, without downloading or installing anything. And, of course, all of my games are free and available any time, any season!

I spent a lot of time playing games on different web sites, but the problem was that I needed to search for good games. It appeared that I liked 2 games out of 10 viewed. So I decided to create my own world, where I would place only good online flash games. I am glad to share my collection and to see new people on my site. I hope you will enjoy!

My Favorite Games Online:
Free Online Flash Games are Back in Action!

As you, must be, noticed, I have only flash games on my site. They have a lot of advantages comparing to other types of games. The most big advantage is that flash games spread clearly and free. You should not pay, you should not install. You can play online games right on a web page in your browser. You only need to have the Internet connection and a computer or laptop to play games online.

One more advantage is that you do not spend a lot of time playing flash games, as PC games or games on any other platform. Flash game is quick to complete, although, sometimes there are such games you can not stop playing. Approximately, each person on my site plays 7 games a day, and some manage to play even 50! The explanation for this is that I have only appealing and interesting free online games here.

I did my best to get my games categorized right. There are games for boys and games for girls as well, these categories are marked with bright colors. But, if girls are mostly interested in games from the category games for girls, boys should also pay attention to other categories. Because racing, strategies, sport games and a lot of others has their own category due to their's amount, and need their own section. Make sure to have all of categories visited, there is a lot of cool stuff there!

I really hope that you will like my free games online, and you will come to see me often. I wait for you each day, cause you probably won't play every my game, I got more than 5000 of them! So there will not be lack of games. Get your friends here, it is fun to play together! Thank you for your attention, and enjoy playing games!


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